Friday, August 5, 2016

Get Going! But Give Yourself Some Grace!

Congratulations, momma! You’ve made it to the last lesson in the Starting Your Own Preschool Co-op Series! 

If you missed some of the other lessons, you can jump back to the beginning HERE.

But if you have made it this far, you’re ready to start! You’ve put in a ton of work and now it’s time for all of your efforts to pay off. 

The last lesson is really pretty simple – just start! You’ve laid the groundwork and now it’s time to test out the waters. So, pull out that schedule, take a look at your start date, and get ready to enjoy the ride!

I’ve included this as a separate lesson because I think it’s something we need to remind ourselves. We can spend hours pouring over the details, making sure the schedule is absolutely perfect, and meticulously attempting to plan every moment of our lesson. But the truth is, it will never be perfect. And the longer we stress about all of the details, the less time we spend actually enjoying the group and the purpose behind it.

So, go for it! Get your group rolling and soak up these precious moments with your kiddos.

However, I cannot tell you enough – you must show yourself GRACE! There will be days when lessons totally flop, your kids have an absolute melt-down in the middle of your lesson, your group spills their snack ALL OVER your floor, and your lessons plans that were supposed to last until 11am are completely finished by 10:30am. How do I know? They have happened to me – every single one of them – but I still would not change this preschool experience for the world. 

So, this lesson is a simple one – get going, show yourself (and your kiddos) some grace, and I’m sure that in no time, you will be overflowing with gratitude for this experience. 

I sincerely hope this series has been a blessing to you and has given you the courage to start your own preschool co-op. And seriously, I would LOVE to hear about it. So, please leave a comment below and let me know when your group will be starting. Tell me how many kids you have in your group and what you are most nervous about. I’d love to help you out and send you some encouragement along the way!

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Enjoy the journey!